Dear Customers, Partners

The 99999 Informatika continues to deliver the highest standards while complying with the current health and safety regulations.

The management of 99999 Informatika introduced strict regulations to reduce the local spread of the new coronavirus, now declared now declared an epidemic by the WHO.

With responsible and strict measures we would like to reduce the risk of business continuity vulnerability, and loss of service.

The 99999 Informatika Kft. and 99999 Szolgáltató Zrt. have decided on the following measures because of the pandemic:

  • From 13th March 2020 till repeal our employees are working remotely.
  • In the office we provide personnel, for delivery of post mails, packages and reception of central telephones.
  • Personal contacts will be minimized, and Customer, Partner meetings will be conducted through video conferencing if possible.

We continue to carry out our work with our Clients to a high standard while complying with local requirement and regulations.
The standby and on-call system operates in the usual way, moreover within a reinforced framework.
In addition, we cater for all upcoming requirements and needs, especially those with remote access, regarding the circumstances and our capabilities.

Our clients could only perceive the measures we put in place by the minimalization of personal meetings.

In the event of an emergency (eg. quarantine, or a lockdown) we will follow all official and governed instructions. All of our services are sustainable as long as legal compliance and regulatory guidance allows.

Our contact information remains unchanged.

Thank you for your understanding,
Péter Dongó
99999 Group