SAP consulting


The pressure to increase customer satisfaction and efficiency continuously requires an IT background in which the system not just manages administrative activities precisely, but directs processes, assists decision-makers to fulfill their external and internal information obligations too.
Today, developing such a system is only a necessary but not a sufficient condition for success. More than that, companies and institutions need to respond with adaptive and creative solutions to the constantly changing environments and growing expectations.
In today's world huge amounts of information are generated every day. Organizations has to learn to take advantage of the almost unprocessed amount of data available.
We help our customers through the journey of digital transformation with our experienced consulting team, using SAP technologies.

Our competencies

  • Highly qualified, experienced team of SAP Consultant
  • Wide experience in project realizations of SAP ERP and BI implementations, developments and support
  • Industry experiences
    Public, Energy, Transportation, Automotive, Production, Waste Management
  • SAP Solutions/areas:
    • Complete SAP ERP functionalities (Accounting-Finance, Logistics, Production, Maintenance, QM, EHS), SAP BI solutions
    • Industrial Solutions (eg. IS-OIL, IS-U-Waste)
    • Case management, contract management, document management, VIM
    • Cloud Based eProcurement and Supply Chain Collaboration Solutions – SAP Ariba
  • Project management experience
    • certified professionals
    • from smaller scales up to huge and complex projects

The main references of our consultants



Results, Qualifications

  • Silver Partner in February of 2018
  • SAP Ariba Partner in May of 2019
  • Awarded SAP projects of our consultants:
    • MVM – SAP Quality Awards 2013
    • NISZ – SAP Quality Awards 2015
    • KNYKK – SAP Quality Awards 2016

Strategic Directions

  • S/4HANA implementation, transformation
  • INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) – network of intelligent devices
  • MACHINE LEARNING – Machine learning embedded in applications
  • ANALYTICS – All analytics across the business
  • BIG DATA – Manage and analyze vast amount of big data
  • BLOCKCHAIN - trusted p2p transactions, increased audibility
  • SAP CLOUD – Cloud based platform to integrate things, people and processes
  • INTELLIGENT DATA – Transform data to business value